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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Inks, dyes & pigments

Inks, Dyes and Pigments
Colours give a significant perspective towards the world. Without colours, it is not possible to imagine a world. We tend to enjoy colours in everyday materials such as paints, paper, plastic, textiles and so on. The colours make them appealing. The chemical substances that are used for imparting colours in different materials and products are dyes, inks and pigments. 

Dyes are the coloured substances that are used for imparting colours on different substrates. The dyes can attach tem selves to the molecular structure of the substrate and impart colour to the surface. The dyes need an aqueous medium to be applied on the substrate and also they need some chemical agents to initiate the fastness of the dyes on the substrate. The dyes have Aryl ring structure that are ionizing compounds that can absorb electromagnetic radiation having varied wavelengths. 

Pigment is the substance that has the property of selectively absorbing and reflecting the wavelengths of the visible light that falls on it. The appearance colour of the pigment is mainly related to the colour of the source light. Pigments can be organic, inorganic and biological. The organic pigments are synthesized from natural substances and inorganic pigments are created through the chemical synthesis process. The biological pigments are the ones that are   used by organisms for different mechanisms such as camouflage.

Ink can be a composite mixture of dyes, pigments and other chemical substances. The inks are mostly in the liquid form as they are applied using solvents or carriers. The inks are mainly used for creating a design, image or text on a surface. It can also be used for writing and drawing as well. 
As the inks, dyes and pigments are used so extensively and the quality as well as appearance of the products relies to a great extent on the quality of the pigments or dyes used, it is inevitable for the producers of these colouring agents to make sure that they are providing the best level of quality in their products. 

Testing of Inks Dyes and Pigments 
Testing of inks dyes and pigments should be done regarding the attributes such as molecular integrity, solvency, fastness and so forth. There are many different procedures that are used for testing the quality of these colouring agents. With proper testing, the manufacturers can easily determine the quality level of the products and can introduce necessary changes in the manufacturing process to attain the required level of quality.  To ensure correct testing of the products, the quality testing should be conducted in a lab that is fully equipped with the required equipments and is accredited by NABL to conduct such tests. In addition to that, the lab also must be certified for ISO 17025: 2017 which is a lab standard set by ISO and it ensures that lab is following the essential protocol to ensure accurate testing and test results.  

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