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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Cosmetics & Essential Oil

Cosmetics are mainly the products that are being used by a lot of people to enhance their physical appearance. There are a lot of products that fall under this category and are used by people. Generally they are used for improvement of the appearance of face, lips, hair and skin. Essential oils are also a great part of the cosmetic world as they are used for enhancing the aroma of the bodies as well as the ambience. They are also used for therapeutic purpose at several occasions. As these products come in direct contact with skin of the users, the customers are mostly considered about the quality of the products. Mainly the bad quality of the products can lead to serious health hazards for the users and hence it is essentials for the manufacturers to ensure the integrity of the quality of the products.  

Medical Uses Of Essential Oils
Essential oils are found to have a positive effect on the psychotic health of person and hence are sometimes used along with the conventional treatment for psychotic disorders such as depression and hypertension. As these products are also used in medical products, it is of great importance that the products used are of best quality. 

Side Effects Of Cosmetics And Essential Oils 
Many times, when a customer uses a cosmetic products, they might have a skin reaction from one of the ingredients or if the quality of the quality of the products is compromised, then also they might trigger a skin reaction that can be very hazardous. 

Need For Testing Of Cosmetics And Essential Oils 
In order to ensure the best quality of the products and safety  of the customers, it is important that products are tested rigorously for their quality and safety before they are introduced to the market. The manufacturers of these products must ensure that they have their products tested in proper labs that have proper certification so that the test results given by them are trust worthy. With testing certification for cosmetics and essential oils, the manufacturers can easily vouch for the integrity of the quality of the products and hence ensure the customers that the products they are offering are good to use and are safe for their health. Also testing points out any toxicity of the products that might be hazardous for the users or the environments. 

NABL Certified Lab
The testing of cosmetics and essential oils is done under the norms of ISO 17025 : 2017 which is an international quality standard that must be followed by the companies that are manufacturing cosmetic products. The testing of the samples must be done in a lab that is accredited by NABL for ISO 17025: 2017. This way, the certification obtained for the products is authentic and can be used in the markets worldwide. 

Primecertification is a premium consultant service that can help you with the testing of the products and also help you with the accreditation of your lab by NABL for ISO 17025: 2017. We have a comprehensive team that understand the process of certification and hence can help you with the whole process and get you the certification in very less time.