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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Warfare Chemicals

Warfare Chemicals 
Warfare chemicals are used in warfare since world-war 1. There are the toxic agents that are developed by the governments to be used during war time. There are numerous deadly and toxic chemicals that can be used for mass killing during war time. These chemicals are normally used for mass killing but can also be used for individual killing as well.  Some of the most deadly warfare chemicals include:

Mustard Gas 
The mustard gas was first used in warfare in first world war. The mustard gas is an odourless liquid at room temperature and can be used to cause blisters on human body. The name of the gas roots from the colour and smell of the compound when it is in its impure state however it is not related to condiment mustard in any manner. The liquid is referred as gas because it was designed by the military to be used as aerosol. It is so deadly that it can kill a person within hours after contact. 

Nerve Gas
It is one of the most deadly chemical agent that is used for warfare. Even a single drop of nerve gas is enough to kill a human in just a matter of minutes. The death is cause due to seizures. The chemical agent has no colour or odour but it has texture like high grade motor oil. The air is used to spread it and once inhaled, it affects the nervous system and hence causing instant spasms stopping the involuntary actions such as respiration or heart’s pumping.

It is a very highly toxic gas that is colourless and has a smell of mouldy hay. The functioning is a bit hideous as the symptoms of the exposure to this chemical agent do not appear until 24 to 72 hours of exposure. IT mainly impacts the respiratory system and dissolves the lung membranes causing death due to blood loss, respiratory failure and shock. 

In addition to these, there are Cyanogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, white phosphorus, Lewisite and so forth that are used as extensive warfare chemicals. As these warfare chemical agents are very dangerous and need to kept very securely, it is essential that when they are synthesized, they are thoroughly tested for their impact when they are stored so that any possible disaster could be prevented. The labs that test such warfare chemicals must be equipped properly because any mishandling of the agents can cause serious disasters. This is why it is essential that the lab is certified for ISO 17025: 2017 and has NABL accreditation. In this way, it can ensured that the lab is equipped with the essential mechanisms that are necessary to handle the hazardous chemicals safely. 

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