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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Switchgear equipment

Switchgear equipment
The Switchgear equipment is one of most important parts of any electrical power system. The switchgear is used in very high voltage power networks for controlling the electrical supply to those networks. One of eth basic purpose of installing switchgear in an electrical network is to protect eth components of the electrical networks by interruption of the electrical power supply when there is a fault or short circuit in the network. Also it is intended to provide more than one source of power to feed a specific load and hence enhances the availability of the system. The switchgear is comprised of different disconnect switches, circuit breakers, fuses which are meant to control, and isolate different electrical components of the network. In any electrical network, it is important to have switchgear equipment as they help in isolation of specific parts of the networks and hence when there is a fault in the network, you only have to isolate the particular faulty part from the network instead of shutting down the network. 

The switchgear is very much responsible for the reliability of the electrical network where they are installed. In the older times, the switchgear equipment sued to have oil filled parts but now they have been replaced by the air-blast vacuum equipment that allow larger currents of electricity to pass through them and can be controlled automatically.  High voltage switchgears are sued for operating motors and various other electric machines. With significant improvement in the switchgear equipment, now even up to 11000 kV of voltages can be used in the electrical networks. 

Normally the switchgears are installed in both eth higher side and lower side of a transformer in an electrical system. There are mainly two components that comprise the switchgear setup. One is the power conducting components like circuit breakers, lightning arrestors, surge arrestors, fuses, and switches which are responsible for the conduction or interruption of the electrical power supply. The second components of the switchgear equipment is the control system which has all the current transformers, protective relays, control panels, potential transformers and the other associated circuits that are sued for monitoring, controlling and protection of the power conducting components. 

The switchgear equipment for lower voltages that is below 66 kV, are normally enclosed in the same building. The switchgears for higher voltages are installed in the open and normally insulted by air. As these switchgears have a great responsibility of protection of the whole network, it is essential that when they are manufactured, they must be tested thoroughly for their quality, functionality and durability. As the working of the equipment is so critical, it must be tested in a facility that is credible and has all the testing equipments to conduct tests accurately. This is why the testing of switchgear equipment must be conducted in a lab that has NABL accreditation and ISO 17025: 2017 certification which ensures that testing data provided by this lab is credible and accurate. 

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