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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Medical Accessories & Surgical products

Medical Accessories & Surgical Products
Medical accessories and Surgical Products are an integral part of the medical universe nowadays. You cannot imagine an efficient medical care service without ample supply of such products and accessories. These are products that help they health care professionals and organizations in providing the best medical care to those who need it.

Medical accessories
The medical accessories are the medical products that are used for supporting the healing and recovering process of the patients that have undergone some critical procedures or have some conditions that need the support of medical accessories. The medical accessories can include devices like pacemakers, ventilators, walking aids, scopes, probes and so forth. These accessories make it easy for the healthcare professionals to give a better care of the patients and hence make their job easy. 

Surgical Products 
The surgical products are the ones that are used for cutting open or applying suture to an open wound in the human body. These include forceps, occludes, needle holders, specula, scalpels, lancets, suture needle and so forth. They are used during the surgery or to modify the biological tissues in the human bodies. One can understand the importance of the surgical products by the fact that not even a suture can be done without the surgical instruments hence they have a basic instrument. 

Quality of Medical Accessories and Surgical Products
As they are medical products and have a more than direct impact on the health and wellbeing of those who use them, thy must be used with utmost care and focus. This is why, it is of very high importance that the quality of the medical accessories and surgical products must be of top notch order. No compromise can be made regarding the quality of the products. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers that they ensure the products undergo a rigorous testing process. On the other hand, a newly designed medical product also needs to be tested for different aspects so that it could be ensured to be safe for human use. Testing of medical products includes physical testing, chemical testing, biological testing and cyber security for the products that make the use of online data. All of these testing must be done in a well equipped testing facility that has all the certifications that are required for carrying out the test on the medical devices. 

The lab that tests the medical accessories and surgical products must be accredited by the NABL for ISO 17025: 2017. This is the standard that is set for laboratories that are involved in the testing of medical devices and products. If the products are tested by a lab that is certified for ISO 17025: 2017, this means that the test results are most accurate as the test procedure is conducted following all the mandatory norms as per set in the standard. 

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