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ISO 15189:2012 Certification for Pathology Labs

ISO 15189: 2012 certification for Pathology Testing Laboratories
Pathology is a term that includes the branch of science that is related to the study of human anatomy and investigations related to determining the cause of any particular disease. Pathology deals with the examination of different types of samples such as body tissues, blood, body fluids, etc. for diagnostic and forensics. Access to pathology labs is very important for the wellbeing of people. With the ever-increasing range of physical ailments and diseases, it has become very important that the number of path testing labs is increased and accessible to everyone. 
Keeping these facts into consideration, there is a need for an organized approach to setting up the pathology lab that could be helpful in the contribution of the better wellbeing of the people. Starting a pathology business is not an easy task. There are many different things to consider such as location, capital involved, and proper knowledge of the investigations and medical tests that need to be performed in the laboratory. There are several steps involved in starting a Pathology testing lab business. 

Business Registration
For any business, it must be registered to a regulatory authority for businesses. A legal entity in the form of a private limited or limited liability partnership firm should be established. This can be done with the help of a consultant who deals in the registration of companies. 

It is not possible to run a path lab test without the assistance of a trained and lab staff that has ample knowledge of the working of a laboratory and the procedures included in that. The staff needs to meet some standard qualification and working experience. To hire skilled and qualified technicians, one can approach the hiring solution providers and consultants. Even after hiring, the staff must be provided training and induction in the initial stage of their tenure so that they can provide the best level of services to the patrons. 

Lab Infrastructure Setup
Lab Infrastructures are very complicated and it is not easy to get things right without any guidance. The infrastructure of the lab helps the staff in working efficiently and productively. Primecertification can help in placing a well efficient infrastructure of Pathology Testing Laboratory. 

Space for a path lab must be enough to accommodate a specific number of patients along with their intenders. As there is a possibility that the lab might have to attend to patients with contagious disease, the patients should not be allowed to be in close vicinity. This is why proper space should be allotted to each department of the lab. 

Licenses and certifications 
To run a pathology lab, it is essential to obtain several licenses and certification from the regulatory authorities. As the path labs are directly related to the health and wellbeing of the people, regulatory arthritis has set some guidelines and standards that must be followed by the path test labs to ensure. ISO 15189: 2012 certification is a standard certification that is a must-have for the Pathology testing laboratories. Along with that, NABL accreditation is also an integral part of the certifications mandatory for a laboratory. 

Primecertification is a consultancy firm that offers consultancy for ISO 15189: 2012 certification and NBAL certification for Path Labs. Our well-experienced and qualified consultants not only help in getting the certification and NABL accreditation but we also assist with infrastructure planning, lab setup, and many other nuances that are involved in starting a Pathology testing lab business. Our efficient team ensures that our clients have the most ease in starting their business with our assistance and guidance.