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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Biological Tests on Other Miscellaneous Test Items

ISO 17025: 2017 certification for Biological Tests on Other Miscellaneous Test Items
The main purpose of Biological tests is to identify the bacterial species, as different species of bacteria exhibit a unique set of biological activities, and therefore with biological tests on them, they can be separated and grouped into their common. Every organism on this planet exhibit a different set of biological properties and functions, and therefore the significance of Biological tests is very high as they play an important in their segregation. Bacteria can formulate various organic compounds through absorbing certain carbohydrates and related compounds, this method is used for the identification of different sets of bacteria and microorganisms.

Biological tests can be conducted under a whole lot of different other Miscellaneous Test Items such as Pulp, Paper, and board through enumeration of bacteria and bacterial spores, on soaps and detergents through finding antibacterial activity in soaps, on textiles and fabrics through finding antibacterial activity and antifungal activity, on wood and wooden Products through mycological test or resistance to mold attack, on adhesives glues and sealant, on fuels and oils lubricants toys and other children is products, on packaging materials, on paints and surface coatings through the bacterial and fungal count, etc.

Biological tests on Fungi
Fungi can usually be studied best through performing a biological test on them, some may prefer chemical tests, but morphology and study of fungi under a microscope can yield better results. MALDI TOF mass spectra or PCR assays are some of the best biological test tools to identify fungi. The identification for medical Fungi can be better derived through performing biochemical tests. 

Biological tests on Textiles
Textile and fabric are a hotspot for various sorts of microorganisms and insects, as the material and composition of textile material and fabric cloth provides the best breeding grounds for these biological life forms. But the ultimate quality and characteristics of the textile material and fabric cloth are in a way shaped by the biological agents which in reality seem to have a profound effect on the durability of the textiles too. The biological tests, therefore, play a significant role in helping the manufactures, producers, consumers, and retailers to formulate strategies which helps them in enhancing the precautions and steps to be taken till the complete cycle of the manufacturer to the customer is completed, this also enables evolvement of testing strategies and development of the guidelines to be used for preserving the textile material from these biological influencers. The Biological tests on Textiles will also enable to improve the overall quality and endurance of various modified and unmodified fabrics against the biological sources that may hamper them. 

At a Glance
Now, these Biological Tests on Other Miscellaneous Test Items are so critical for the smooth working of huge industrial networks and domains, it is essential that the materials used in the process, are made with great quality and can deliver good efficiency without failure. To ensure this, the manufacturers of these test materials need to ensure that the materials undergo thorough quality testing in properly equipped laboratories. The labs that test the Biological Tests materials, must have their accreditation from NABL and must have certification for ISO 17025: 2017. In this way, it can be assured that the testing is done accurately and according to the international quality testing standards.

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