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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Fertilizers

When we are talking about plants, well fed plants are always healthier, beautiful and more productive. In order to get well fed plants, fertilizers are used. Fertilizers are the products that are used to provide the nutrients to the plants that are not provided by the soil in its natural state are essential for the best growth of the plants. Even if the soil is great in the start, as the plants grow, they absorb the nutrients and if the soil is not recharged with the nutrients, then the plants will get deprived of the nutrients and hence will not give the full produce as expected. By fertilization of the soil, the nutrients in the soil are replenished and this makes it ready for a further great produce. 

Primary Nutrients for Soil
There primarily six nutrients that are used by plants for a healthy growth. These nutrients help not only in better growth of the plants but also make them self-reliant in fighting from various diseases of the plants. These six nutrients include Carbon from carbon dioxide, Hydrogen obtained from water, oxygen obtained from air and water, Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The nitrogen helps the plants ion development of new tissues. Phosphorus helps in better root growth and potassium is useful for overall vigour of the plants. Along with these, there are additional nutrients and micronutrients that are required for better growth such as Calcium, magnesium, sulphur, boron, copper, iron, molybdenum, zinc and several others. Plants also need adequate amounts these nutrients in the soil. The important thing to remember is that these nutrients are required exact right quantity for better results. 

Fertilisers for Plants
Both abundance and deficiency of these nutrients can results in bad health of the plants hence the fertilisers that are responsible for providing these nutrients must contain the right amount of them. For this, the manufacturers need to keep in mind that the products they are producing are competent and have exactly the right amount of nutrients as prescribed. This can be achieved through keeping a strict watch on the production process and the quality assurance of the products.

Fertiliser Testing
In order to ensure that the fertiliser products are up to the quality mark, the manufacturers need to ensure that the products are rigorously tested for quality and other factors. Testing of the fertilisers ensures that the products that reach the market have exactly the right amount of nutrients and are guaranteed to provide best results. To ensure the best testing data, the specimen must be tested in a laboratory that is certified for ISO 17025:2017 from NABL. This certification ensures that the lab follows all the standard procedures for testing of fertilisers and also adopted good practices for Laboratories. 

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