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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Transmission line equipment and accessories

Transmission Line Equipment and Accessories
The high voltage electrical networks are the basic necessity of every part of the world. All the domestic as well as industrial working is solely dependent on the smooth working of the electrical networks that carry extremely high voltage of electrical current that is used for running a vast variety of machines and mechanisms in an industry. The high voltage electrical supply networks comprise of numerous different small components that allow the smooth working of the network. 

Line Support
Line supports are the towers on which the transmission lines are laid. These towers are responsible for keeping the transmission line to be in the air. The line supports need to have high mechanical strength but should be light in weight so that they do not fall due to their own weight. The line supports are of different types such as metal, stone, wood and so forth. Additionally the line support should provide easy access to the conductors for maintenance and repair purposes.

The aluminium conductor steel reinforced is the conductor that is used in the high voltage electrical supply networks. IT has a steel core that is surrounded by the layers of aluminium strands, In addition to that, there are all aluminium conductors, aluminium alloy conductors, aluminium conductor composite core. The main desired property of the conductors is that they have high melting temperature and very low electrical resistance. Additionally, the conductors also must have high mechanical strength. 

The insulators are used in the networks to keep the conductors separate from each other at a junction and also they are used to keep the conductors away from the line support to avoid any accidents. There are many different insulators that are used in the electrical networks such as polymeric insulators, ceramic insulators and so forth. The insulators need to have a high mechanical strength and dielectric properties.  They must be free from any type of moisture and must be able to withstand the flashover phenomenon. 

The Isolators are the ones that are used for isolating a part of network from the whole network. This is useful at the times of fault and repairs. These are huge circuit breakers that can be used to break off electrical supply to a specific part of the network to carry out the repair and maintenance. 

Lightening Arrestors
 The lightening arrestors are the components that are used for protecting the line supports and other components of the network from natural calamities such as lightening. The component has a high voltage terminal along with ground terminal. 

Circuit breakers
The circuit breakers are the components that are used for breaking the flow of electrical current from the whole network or some part of the network. They operate manually or automatically under no load, full load, or in an event of short circuit. 

As all these transmission line equipment and accessories are essential for the electrical supply network, they must be tester thoroughly for their safety as well as quality by the manufacturers. Any defect in quality of these components can cause the whole network to fail or serious accidents. It is also important that the lab that tests these components has all the certifications such as NABL accreditation and ISO 17025: 2017. With the certification, it is understood that all the procedures have been followed during the testing of these components and the testing data is credible and correct for these components. 

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