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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Lamps, Luminaries and accessories

Lamps, Luminaires and Accessories
In today’s world the visual appearance of an object is so important that everything needs to look good and in order to look good, there is a need for best level of lighting. There are many different sources of artificial light that are used in industries as well domestic areas. There different types of lamps and luminaires that are used in different for lighting purposes. The selection of lamps and luminaires depends on the requirement of the ambient that are required in a particular situation. 

The lamps and luminaires are two different things and one needs to understand the difference between the lamps and luminaires to make the best decision regarding the lighting requirements. The lamps are the units that are used for producing light with the help of electricity. The lamps consist of the lighting filament which is heated ion passing of current of light. The lamps are filled with different kinds of gasses. When the filament is heated, it excites the electrons and when these electrons come to their neutral state from the excited state, they emit light in form of photons. Different kinds of gases emit different types of light as different gases absorb different kinds of wavelength of lights.  

The luminaires are the complete lighting units that comprise of a single lamp or multiple lamps along with the other accessories that are responsible to distribute light. These accessories include the reflectors, the positioning clamps, lamp protection guards, and ballasts that are meant to keep the whole fixture to one place. Actually the modern definition of the luminaires depicts that the luminaires are the complete unit of lighting including all that is required for a lighting console to spread light in a given area. It is not necessary that the luminaires are of fluorescent lights and lamps. With the development in the lighting technologies, nowadays, the luminaires can comprise of fibre optics as well where the lights source is at one side and the fibre cable dissipated the light to the other side. This gives a very aesthetically appealing look. The LED light source is the latest development in the field of lighting. The LED lights are more robust and can have a long service life as compared to the normal fluorescent lights. Additionally, the LED lights consume very less power as compared to the other light sources. The luminaires comes with the fixtures that are responsible to keep the light fixtures at their place. 

As the Lamps, luminaires and accessories are used for a variety of functions, it is essential that the equality of these lamps and luminaires is of best quality. In order to ensure the best quality of the luminaires, they must be tested thoroughly without any failure so the best safety and quality of the luminaires could be ensured. The best way to ensure the best quality of the luminaires is that they are tested in a lab that is properly certified for conducting such tests. These certification include ISO 17025: 2017 and NABL accreditation. These certifications ensure that the data provided by the lab is of best accuracy as the lab is following all the prescribed procedures as given in the quality testing standards. 

In case, you have Lamps, Luminaries and accessories equipment testing lab then you must get it certified for ISO 17025 – NABL, PrimeCertification can help you with all the formalities involved with the ISO 17025 NABL certification for Lamps, Luminaries and accessories equipment testing lab process. We have a vast team of highly experienced professionals who have been helping our clients in getting an easy ISO 17025 NABL certification for Lamps, Luminaries and accessories equipment testing lab by handling all the audits, inspections, and paper works.