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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Rotating electrical machines

Rotating Electrical Machines 
In today’s time we can see machines all around us. There is almost no way to imagine a world without machines. The machines are used for industrial tasks, manufacturing processes, transportation, electricity production, for domestic usage and so forth. When we are talking about machines, almost every machine has an electrical machine that has rotating parts. The rotating electrical machines are inevitable of the mechanical universe we are using these days. 

The rotating electrical machines are the ones that have one or more rotating part and are used to carry out some work. Mostly among these machines are the rotating motors and dynamos. The electrical motors are of two types, AC induction motors and DC motors. In the motors, there is a rotating part that is called rotor and the stationary part which is called stator. The stator is equipped with heavy density copper or other metallic winding. The metallic winding is provided with electric current. This induces an electromagnetic field inside the stator and causes the rotor to rotate at a very high speed. This rotational motion is then used for a vast variety of tasks such as moving a wheel, operating a whole machine or a part of it. 

Another rotating electrical machine is the dynamo. The dynamo is an instrument that is used for generation of electrical power, Just like the motors, the dynamo also has a rotating part called the rotor and one stationary part which is called stator. The rotor of the dynamo is equipped with a magnet and the stator is provided with a dense copper winding. The rotor is made to rotate in a specific direction with the help of an external force for example hydro power or an engine. The rotation in the rotor causes the induction of electromagnetic field due to the presence of a magnet in the rotor. This electromagnetic field so produced causes production of electricity in the copper winding of the stator. This electricity produced due to electromagnetic induction is then used for running other machines such as motor or is stored in a battery. 

The rotating electrical machines need to have very heavy duty parts and materials so that they could operate on very high speed. If the quality of the materials is compromised, it can cause the parts to fail which is a huge drawback for the machines as well it is a great hazard for their safety. This is why it is essential that the rotating electrical machines are thoroughly checked for their quality and efficiency. Additionally, one thing that must be kept in mind is that the testing data for the machines must be accurate to ensure that the quality of the machines is perfect. For best accuracy of the testing data, the laboratory in which the machines are being tested, must have NABL accreditation and it must also have the certification for ISO 17025: 2017 so that the quality of the rotating electrical machines could be ensured effectively. 

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