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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Cables and accessories

Cable and Accessories
When you are running an industry and there are many systems running together to get the best out of it, you know that every system of the industry is crucial and essential for best performance and efficiency of the industry. Even if a single system is not working in the manner desired, it can have a great impact on the productivity and efficiency of the industry.  In order to keep these systems running, there are numerous different components and accessories are working together keep those system running. One such system is electrical system of the industries. When it comes to industries, there are different components in the electrical supply system that must be kept in the best condition so that the network keep running and there is an uninterrupted supply of power to all the other systems of the industry. 

Cables are inevitable and the most important part of the electrical supply systems and they must be maintained in their best condition to keep the system running for a long time. There are different types of cable and accessories that are used for keeping the system running in the industries. 

There are different types of cables that are used in different industries according to the requirements of industry. The cables that are used in industries include PVC Cables, PUR Cables, POC cables, STOOW cables and so forth. The most important attributes of industrial electrical cables include high mechanical strength, good insulation and low electrical resistance. 

Cable accessories
In addition to good quality cables, one also needs best quality of cable accessories that can help the cables to stay in place for a long time without any fault or defect. These accessories include Power connectors, Coaxial connectors and adaptors, terminal blocks, and so forth.

Cable termination Kits
The cable termination kits are used at the points where the cable do not have any extension and they need to be terminated at that point.IN this case, if the cables are left open, they can be affected by the external factors such as moistures, water, rust and so forth. The cable termination kits are used at these points to cover the cable ends so that they stay covered and protected from the outer factors such as moisture, corrosion and so forth.

Cable Jointing Kits
There are many times when there are several cables that need to be joined to extend the network. The cable joints are called junctions. The junctions cannot be left opened or they will also be affected with the environmental factors such as corrosion. The cable jointing kits are used for covering and shielding the cable joints and keep them protected from external factors. 

As these cable accessories are crucial for the protection of the entire electrical system used in an industry, they must be of best quality. The manufacturers of the accessories must make sure that the quality of the should be of best quality so that they could be installed in such critical places. The testing data for these accessories has to be accurate and credible hence it is essential that the lab that is conducting the quality testing for these accessories must have all the certification such as NABL accreditation and ISO certification for the lab standard ISO 17025: 2017. This ensures that the lab is following all the prescribed testing procedures and is capable of providing the most credible testing data. 

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