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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Transformers and Reactors

Transformers and Reactors
Electrical supply is one of the most basic and essential things in today’s times. Today the industries require a high voltage electrical supply to retain their operations. Without such high voltages, it is not possible to run such heavy machineries and complicated operations. Hence the electrical supply networks must be kept up to date and well maintained all the time. There numerous different components that are used in the electrical supply network to keep the power supply running all the times. Transformers and reactors are two such components that are very important and essential for smooth running of an electrical supply network. 

Transformers are the electrical instruments that are used for changing the voltage of the electrical current from high to low and from low to high. The transformers are installed at the end or junction of an electrical network where the high voltage running in the HT lines is received by the transformer and is transformed into low voltage electric current. This helps in transmitting a variety of voltages from one end of network to another end. The power transformers have two winding along with a magnetic core. One winding is at the receiving end and the other winding is at the transmitting end. There is different in the nu. Of turns in the winding which causes the difference in the voltage at both ends. The transformers are of two types, one is step-up transformer and the other is step down transformer. The step-up transformer is used for increasing the low voltage to high voltage whereas the Step down transformer is used for decreasing high voltage to low voltage. The transformers are filled with cooling oil to keep the temperature of the transformers to the optimum level. 

Shunt Reactors are also important components that are necessary for smooth and efficient running of an electrical network. The shunt reactor is used in a network to absorb any reactive power and make the electrical supply system more efficient. When the transmission of power is done through long high voltage transmission lines, then there is reactive power created in the system which decreases the efficiency of the system. The reactor comes with a variable rating and can be connected directly to the system through a circuit breaker. Unlike the transformers, there is only one winding present in a reactor along with a magnetizing shield. The magnetising shield prevents any stray magnetizing current and increases the capability of the reactor to absorb more reactive power and hence increase the efficiency of the system. 

As the transformers and reactors such crucial parts of the electrical systems, it is essential that their quality is thoroughly and efficiently tested through proper procedure and equipments. If the quality of these components is compromised, it can not only cause the electrical network to fail but it can also prove to be a great safety hazard. This is why the components must be tested in a credible laboratory that is accredited by NABL and is certified for ISO 17025: 2017 which is a certification standard for the laboratories. 

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