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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Animal Food & Feed

Animal Food & Feed 
Domestic animals have a very important part in human life. The yield that they provide is of great importance, health wise as well as economically. To get the best products form the domestic animals, the Animal Food & Feed is very important factors that affects the yield form the domestic animals. The Animal Food & Feed is any food that is given to the domestic animals. Just the natural fodder is not enough for the domestic animals to give their best yield. 

Types of Animal Food & Feed
There are mainly two types Animal Food & Feed that are used in animal husbandry. These two types are fodder and forage. The forage is the natural occurring foods that are given to the animals including plant wastes as well as specially grown crops to feed domestic animals. On the other hand, the fodder is mainly the food that is manufactured for the animals including plants  cut, and other nutritional products. The forage alone cannot give the desired results in the animals. They need to be supplemented with extra nutrition is that is provided to them with the help for fodder. The nutritional needs of agricultural farms are directly supplemented by the concentrated and controlled dosage of essential nutrients through the commercially produced animal foods and feed.  

Animal Food & Feed constituents
Most of the commercially produced Animal Food & Feed contains essential nutrients that promote the factors that are needed for better health and yield of the Animal products such as intestinal health, hygiene, digestibility and so forth. With these food and feed, it is possible to supplement the nutrition is that are generally lacking in the natural food that is being fed to the animals.  

Quality of the Animal Food & Feed
The quality of animal feed is very important factor as this decides the effectiveness of the products and their impact on the health of the animals. This is why, the manufacturers of the animal food need to be assured of the quality of the products they produce and offer to the customers. As their product is directly affecting the health of the animals, even a small quality defect can be dangerous to the health of animals and hence the health of the consumers who consume the products produced from such animals. The manufacturers need to ensure that the quality of products they produce is thoroughly checked by a laboratory that offers accurate test results. 

NABL accreditation for Animal Food & Feed
The NABL is the accrediting authority that provides accreditation for the testing laboratories for standards such as ISO 17025:2017. When a lab is NABL accredited, it is assumed that all the procedures for quality assurance are being followed by the lab and accurate results are being obtained. When a product is tested in an NABL accredited lab, it avails it credibility among customers for its quality and effectiveness. 

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