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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Power system protection relays

Power System Protection Relays
The electrical systems that are used in the industrial plants and even domestic circuits are responsible for carrying a very high voltage of electrical current. If there is even a slightest fault in the circuit, it can cause the whole network to fail. There are any different components and equipment that are responsible for keeping the electrical networks running without any flaw or fault. If these components fail to serve their best, then the electrical networks might fail and this can cause a chaotic situation in the industrial scenario.

One of the most important components used in the high voltage electrical networks are the Power system protection relays. These are the automatic devices that are used for protection of the electrical components used in the high power electrical networks. The power protection relays are the devices that are used for sensing the abnormal conditions that might occur in an electrical circuit. These abnormal conditions can be a great threat to the whole network and hence these relays are used for closing the circuits by breaking the flow of current through the electrical network and hence protect the different components from further damage. 

There are several terms related to the Power system protection relays that must be understood so that best efficiency of these devices could be extracted from them.
Actuating Voltage
The actuating voltage or current is the value of voltage or current which is considered as the threshold value. When the voltage or current reach or cross above this threshold value, the relay is activated to be operated. If the actuating value of the relay is increased then the relay coil present in the device has an increased level of electromagnetic effect and hence the moving mechanism of the relay is activated after that value. 

Reset Level
When the value of the voltage or current comes below the actuating value, the relay is reset. It is the value of current where the relay is supposed to open its electrical contact and is supposed to come in its original position so that the circuit could work smoothly. 

Relay Operating Time
Once the relay has exceeded the pickup level of the actuating value, the moving mechanism of the protection relay start its movements, it causes the relay to close its contacts at the end. The time that is taken by the relay to close the contacts is called as the relay operating time. 

Reset Time
When the actuating quality becomes lesser than the reset value and when the relay comes to its original operating position, this elapsed time is called the reset time. 

Reach of the Relay
The actuating impedance in the protection relay is the function of distance depicted in the protection relay. This impedance of the protection is considered as the reach of the relay. 
Based on the mechanism on which they operate, there are different kinds of relays that are used in the high voltage networks such as mechanical relays, electromagnetic relays, static relays and so forth. 

When it comes to the quality of the protection relays used in the electrical network. They are responsible for the protection of the whole electrical networks from various abnormal conditions hence it is important that not only the right kind of the protection relays are used in an electrical network but also this must be kept in the mind that the relays that are used in a network are of best quality. The manufacturers of the protection relays need to ensure that they test the quality of the relays with proper instruments and procedures so that it could be ensured that the protection of the networks is of best level. In order to make sure that the best quality of relays is provided to the customers, these relays need to be tested in efficient and reliable labs with all the certification and accreditation. ISO 17025: 2017 is one such ISO certification that is considered to be the mark for credibility of the labs as this certification ensures that lab is following all the procedures while conducting the testing procedures. In addition to that, the labs also need to be accredited by the NABL for better reliability. 

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