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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Adhesives

Adhesives have a very important role in the industrial and domestic lives. Adhesives are the substances that are used for joining two surfaces without the use of any screws or clamps. There are many different types of adhesives that can be found to be used. Each type of adhesive is used for a particular purpose. The adhesives are preferred over other type of bonding methods such as sewing or mechanical fasteners as adhesives offer advantage such as better bonding and uniform distribution of stress on the surfaces which can bear more tearing force than any other modes of binding. Adhesives are both naturally found and synthesized in industries. 

Types of Adhesives
There are different types of adhesives are used for various purpose. The white craft glue is normally used for domestic purpose and is used for bonding two porous surfaces that are lightweight such as paper or cardboard. The yellow wood glue is intended to be used for bonding wooden surfaces and is used mainly in making furniture. Cyanoacrylate adhesives are also termed as super glue and are used for quick bonding of surfaces, the bonding surfaces need to fit into each other perfectly for best bonding. This type of glue dries very fast. Hot Glue is obtained by melting of some special types of polymers by applying heat. This type of glue is used for industrial uses and is also used majorly in the electronics industries for bonding circuit elements. Pressure sensitive adhesives are the ones that get activated when there is a certain amount of pressure is applied on them. This type of adhesives can be used for bonding a variety of surfaces such as paper, glass and metal. Apart from these there are epoxy adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and so forth. 

Testing of Adhesives
At some places, the adhesives have very crucial roles such as in the industries where the adhesion strength of surfaces can impact the intactness of the whole project. Hence it is essential that they possess the best adhesion strength. The manufacturers involved in the manufacturing of the adhesives need to ensure that the products they are producing have the apt adhesive strength according to their purpose. If the adhesion strength of the products is not up to the requirement then it can not only hamper the quality of the products but also they can lead to serious accidents. In order to avoid such instants, the manufacturers must test the products in properly certified laboratories. 

ISO 17025:2017
In case, you have Adhesives equipment testing lab then you must get it certified for ISO 17025:2017 NABL, Prime Certification can help you with all the formalities involved with the ISO 17025:2017 NABL certification for Adhesives equipment testing lab process. We have a vast team of highly experienced professionals who have been helping our clients in getting an easy ISO 17025:2017 NABL certification for Adhesives equipment testing lab by handling all the audits, inspections, and paper works.