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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Measuring instruments

Measuring Instruments 
In the world of science and technology, the measurements have a crucial role play. It is due to the precise and accurate measurements, a lot of big discoveries are being possible every day. If there are no ways to conduct precise and accurate measurements, it will not be possible for the scientists to ensure that they are being headed towards the right direction. For the launching of satellites and space rovers to making the calculation for chemical reactions, there are many different things that are dependent on the right measurements of various factors involved. 

The scientific study of measurements is called metrology. It was evolved from France and led to establishment of a standard metric system that was then adopted by many countries as a standard method of measurement. Metrology is the field of science that is very much responsible for development of various measuring instrument and due to which the scientific community is able to carry out many complex yet accurate calculations. The subfields of metrology include the scientific metrology, legal metrology and applied industrial metrology. 

The measurements are only possible with the help of different devices called measuring instruments. Measuring instruments are the sophisticated devices that are used for measuring physical qualities such as distance, size, temperature and so forth. The measuring instruments play a vital role in the field of physical sciences, applied engineering and quality assurance. There are different physical properties of certain materials that is used as an indicator in most of the measuring devices such as the expansion of mercury due to slightest changes in the temperature is used for measuring temperature of different surfaces. There are different devices used for measuring different physical quantities. 

The time is measured with the instruments called clocks and watches. In the past the instrument used for measuring time was the sundial. For the most accurate measurement of time, the atomic clock is used by the metrology and the scientists. 

The energy is measured with the help of sophisticated devices called energy meters. The gas meters are also used for measuring the energy by measuring the amount of gas present. The volume of gas then is converted in to measure of energy by multiplying it with the calorific value of the gas.  

Length and distances are measured using a lot of different instruments including measuring tapes, rulers and odometer as well. The speed is measured with the help of laser interceptors. To measure temperature the thermometers are used. In addition to that there are also thermocouples used for measuring temperatures. Photometer is used for measuring the illuminance of a light source. The ohmmeter is used for measurement of electrical resistance of a conductor. 

In addition to these instruments there are also combination instruments that are mainly multipurpose devices that can be used for measuring of different physical quantities with the help of a single device. For example, a multimeter is a combination of voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. The LCR meter can be used as an ohmmeter, capacitance meter and an inductance meter. 

 As the measurement are very much important for accuracy of the scientific and manufacturing processes, it is important that the measuring instrument used for measurements are of best accuracy and precision. The manufacturers of the devices need to understand that even a minor deflection in the measuring devices can proved to be a great cause for disaster. This is why the quality of the instruments must be checked and tested via a trusted and credible laboratory. The lab that carries out the testing of these measuring instruments needs to have the certification from ISO 17025: 2017 NABL which certifies that the lab is equipped with all the essential instruments to carry out the testing procedure and provide the most accurate testing data. In addition to that NABL accreditation is also required by the laboratory to ensure the best authenticity of the testing data provided by the lab. 
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