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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Lac & lac products

Lac and Lac Products
Lac is a product that is naturally found and is a major ingredient in many industrial products such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, cosmetics and so forth. It is a resin that is secreted by an insect called kerria lacca. It is a nontoxic, natural and biodegradable resin that used by different industries for different products. 

Cultivation of Lac 
The cultivation of lac is mainly done in India by the farmers. The lac insects are bred on a stick and then that stick is tied to a host tree. The lac insects only dwell on a specific host tree and secrete the lac resin. Once the branches are covered with the resin, the branch is cut and the resin is sieved and washed until the impurities are removed from the lac. After that, the processing of the lac is done according to the desired use. If the lac is to be used for production of dyes, then the insects are processed along with the resins as the colour of the dyes comes mainly from the insects. But if wax is to be produced, then the insects are not processed along with the resin as pale white coloured wax is more desirable.  

Lac Products
When the lac that is found in natural form, is processed, it gives several by products that are useful for many different industries. The main component of lac is resin which comprises 
of 65% of the whole substance. After processing, there are two more by products  obtained from it that are lac dye which comprises of 1% of the substance and the Lac wax which comprises of 5-6% of the substance. The lac resin is further processed according industry specific needs. The dye and wax are also used in industries such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, surface coatings and so forth. 

Quality check 
The lac is also used for making wood varnishes and jewelleries. As the lac products are used in almost every country in the world, it is essential that the quality control of lac products is strict and rigorous.  The producers and processors of the lac products need to keep in mind that any impurity and quality deviation of the products can decrease the efficiency and effectiveness of the end products to a great extent. Also, these substances are used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry and if there is any impurity or quality issue, it can a health hazard. This is why, the regulating authorities emphasise on strict watch on the quality of the lac products.

Lab Testing
In order to ensure the best quality of lac products, it is essential to test the lac products in an NABL accredited lab that has the certification for ISO 17025: 2017. In this way, it can be ensured that the testing is done in the most effective way and the testing data is the most accurate. 

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