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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Industrial & Fine Chemicals

Industrial & Fine Chemicals
Chemicals are an integral part of the industries. There are varieties of industrial chemical that are used in industries for various purposes. These industrial chemicals are used for manufacturing of goods, cleaning, sanitization and many other purposes. There are thousands of Industrial chemicals that are used in industries on a regular basis. Some of the most common industrial solutions are sulfuric acid which is used for making phosphoric acid which in turn is most commonly used in fertilisers. Ethylene is another commonly used industrial chemical that is used for production of different types of polymers such as polyethylene. It is also used in making other chemicals such as ethanol. Sodium Hydroxide is used in industries as a cleaning agent and as a scrub to remove gases and acids during burning processes. Nitrogen is another industrial chemical that is used in industries to produce ammonia, used in fertilizers, dyes, fabrics and so forth. It is also used in making explosives and food preservatives. Due to its vast range of usage it is one of the most crucial industrial chemical. 

Another class of chemicals that are used in various industrial applications is the fine chemicals. The fine chemicals are the chemicals that are produced in very limited volume in multipurpose chemical plants. The fine chemicals are an integral and important part of the chemical industries. The most common application of these fine chemicals is in the life sciences industries. As the fine chemicals have a very sophisticated molecular structure not every chemical manufacturer can synthesize them. The fine chemicals are classified in two classes based on the molecular integrated that are low molecular weight and high molecular weight products. They are produced through chemical synthesis and biological synthesis. 

Testing of Industrial Fine Chemicals
Due to such a vast involvement of the industrial and fine chemicals in the industry, the manufacturers need to ensure that the chemical they are producing are of the best quality as any compromise with the chemicals can results in catastrophic quality of the end products for which they are being used. As the chemicals are also used in life sciences industry, the manufacturers must take additional precautions regarding the quality of the chemicals. For this, the chemicals must be tested in a laboratory that is accredited from NABL and has certification for ISO 17025: 2017. The NABL accreditation and ISO certification is important for the laboratories as it ensures that the lab is using all the good laboratory practices and has followed all the procedures and methods that are prescribed by the regulating authorities. In addition to that, these certifications ensure that testing results are the most accurate hence the manufacturers can assure the best quality of the products. For this, the labs must be certified for ISO 17025: 2017 from NABL.  

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