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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods

Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods 
The nutraceuticals and functional foods are the food supplements that have derived from natural food but are consumed in the form of medicinal pills. These are the dietary supplements that play an important role in the field of health promotion and disease risk reduction. Although there are a plethora of bioactive substances that render the expected benefits for human health the working mechanism of these bioactive can depend on individuals and their bodies. 
In these supplements, there are bioactive substances along with some active and inactive components that have a significant impact on the way they function. 

Difference b/w Nutraceuticals and functional foods
Functional foods are the food products that are derived from conventional food products but are taken in concentrated amounts and hence have a more intense impact on body health and mechanism. These foods are known to show significant physiological benefits. On the other hand, the nutraceutical foods are the food products that are derived from foods but are mainly taken in the form of pills, capsules, and liquid form with high concentration and are know to render significant health and physiological benefits. The nutraceuticals are also categorized as natural food for health promotions. 

Need for functional food and nutraceuticals
With the changing lifestyles and eating habits, it is now becoming more and more difficult for people to complete their daily dietary needs and hence they need a solution for that. With functional foods and nutraceuticals, it becomes easier for them to supplement their conventional foods with more nutritional options in lesser time and a convenient manner. As the nutraceuticals have a higher concentration of nutrients, they are sufficient to be taken in small quantities and yet complete the nutritional needs of the body hence become one of the best ways of supplementing the food and avoid any nutrition deficiency in the body. 

Quality and quality control of Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods
The companies that are indulged in the manufacturing and processing of Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods need must understand that the products they offer to the consumers are directly related to the health of the consumers and hence there must a be a strict check on the quality of the production process and the raw material as well. Even the final products must go through rigorous quality and check through a laboratory that is NABL accredited. 

NABL Accreditation for Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods
The NABL accreditation for a laboratory where the Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods are tested confirms that the laboratory is following the strict regime stated in the ISO 17025:2017 which must be followed to ensure the most accurate test results and ensure best quality products. With NABL accreditation for the ISO 17025:2017, the laboratories have the chance to reinforce the trust in the customers that they are getting the best quality products that are meant to enhance their health. 

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