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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements 
A nutritional supplement is any dietary supplement that supplements the nutritional intake of people other than their traditional diet. The nutritional supplement may contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, amino acids, and so forth. These nutrients are in concentrated and natural form hence is easier for the body to consume. These supplements are taken normally in the form of powder, pills, and liquids. 

Nutritional Supplements as medicines
Nutritional Supplements are dietary supplements that are known to promote better health and wellbeing but they can never be mistaken for medicines and hence can never be used for curing or treating a disease. These supplements are only required because, in present times, it is not possible to complete the human dietary requirements of the body. On the other hand, the supplements are present in their concentrated form and hence provide better opportunities for the body to absorb the nutrients in the most optimum manner. 

Effectiveness of Nutritional Supplements
The effectiveness of these Nutritional Supplements depends on many different factors. The body mechanism, the dosage ingested and the quality of the supplements are the main factors that affect the effectiveness of a Nutritional Supplement. The quality of the products has a great impact on how they act in the body. Low quality supplements can have very low to no effect on the effectiveness of the products. This is why the manufacturers of dietary supplements need to understand that the quality of the supplements is something that should not be compromised at any cost. The consumers need to be sure of the fact that they are getting the best quality supplements and that is only possible if the manufacturers get their products tested and certified for quality from a laboratory that has been NABL accredited. 

NABL accreditation for Nutritional Supplements
As the quality of the Nutritional Supplements is directly related to the health and wellbeing of the consumers, the regulatory authorities are very strict regarding the quality of the products as well as the manufacturing process. The product manufacturers must get their products tested for the quality in a NABL accredited lab in compliance with the ISO 17025:2017 for better quality assurance. When a lab is accredited by NABL, it ensures that the lab is following all the criteria for the quality testing of Nutritional Supplements hence provides the most accurate results. 

With accurate results, it becomes easier for the manufacturers to map their production regime and ensure that only the best products are delivered to the consumers. It is also reinsuring for the consumers when they are provided with a product that has been tested and certified from a lab that is accredited by NABL and follows the norms of the ISO 17025:2017. In this way, the manufacturers increase their customer base by implanting the trust of their customers in their products. 

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