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NABH Certification for OST Centre(Oral substitution therapy)

OST Centre
A debate that has been going on for years is that OST existed in India even before the USA started to utilize methadone as OST and that the opium vault framework was like the present day OST. Oral/Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) includes replacement of infusing narcotic medications with oral medicine that adequately limits needing and withdrawals and consequently empowers IDUs to quit infusing drugs. OST has ended up being fruitful in diminishing medication related damages counting HIV transmission. NABH Accreditation for Oral Substitution Therapy (OST) focuses was produced for the National AIDS Control association (NACO) to improve the wellbeing status of Injectable Drug Users (IDUs) and forestall the spread of HIV AIDS.

There are few protocols which are to be maintained for the OST center:-
An OST focus ought to be situated close to a hotspot (places where a sizeable 
        number of IDUs assemble or dwell). The area ought to be inside 5 – 10 km of the 
        span of the hotspot. 
If an OST focus isn it situated almost a hotspot, it ought to be situated at a focal 
        territory of the town, or ought to be effectively available to IDUs through the open vehicle. 
An OST focus may likewise be situated in a Drop in focus (DIC) of an intercession 
        offering types of assistance to us.
The center should have five rooms, one for the doctor, where the doctor examines the 
        client, and the other one dressing room where pharmacists or nurses disperse the 
        medicine to the clients. 
The other three rooms which should be there are room for counseling the clients, a 
        waiting area, and storage space and space to keep records. 
There is some basic equipment required like a stethoscope, torch, disposable gloves, 
        BP apparatus, thermometer, etc. Condoms displayed such that it should be easily accessible
        to the clients. For dispensing medicines a tablet crusher, dispensing cups, etc. § In case of
        centers providing other health care services: equipment for abscess management, waste 
        disposal system, etc. Needles and syringes may also be provided at the center. Sharp bins 
        for safe disposal of used needles and syringes and other infectious materials should 
        also be present to avoid infection.  

Before you plan to start an OST center the staff should have working knowledge on the situation of IDUs in their area. The staff should know where the IDUs are the hotspots in the area and also should know the injecting behavior pattern of the IDUs as well as involvement in risk taking behaviors. Knowledge of the drug using pattern among the IDUs in the locality common drugs injected, other drugs used by the IDUs. Awareness of the secondary stakeholders: local community leaders, religious leaders, influential people (people who can influence the acceptability of the program), health care providers, etc. The points should be covered when you do a mapping exercise before setting up a center.

Agencies desirous of implementing OST should be accredited by NABH. OST Centre ready to be licensed by NABH must guarantee the usage of SOP for Oral Substitution Therapy. The appraisal group will check the usage of standards inside the association. The middle will have the option to exhibit to the NABH appraisal group that all principles, as pertinent, are followed.

NABH accreditation will involve two steps. In the first step, agencies will have to submit their application in a prescribed application format. These formats will then be screened by a committee and score the agencies. In Step Two, shortlisted agencies shall then be visited, and a team of assessors will verify the agency. They will score the agency on a prescribed assessment tool. Finally, the agencies will be accredited based on the scores obtained. An accreditation certificate will then be given to the agencies. This certificate should be displayed in the OST center at all times, failing which the accreditation can be withdrawn.  

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What is NABH Certification

NABH Standards for Hospitals have been drafted by Technical Committee of the NABH and contains finish set of norms for assessment of healing facilities for concede of certification. The measures give system to quality affirmation and quality change for doctor's facilities. The norms center around tolerant security and nature of patient consideration. The guidelines are similarly appropriate to clinics and nursing homes in the Government and also in the private division.

Benefits of NABH Certification

Following are the key benefits that organization can achieve with implementation of NABH certification system in any hospital or healthcare unit.
  • Patients are benefited with certification most.
  • Accreditation results in high quality of care and patient safety. The patients get services by credential medical staff
  • Rights of patients are respected and protected
  • Patient satisfaction can be evaluated
  • The staff is satisfied a lot, as it provides for continuous learning
  • Accreditation to a healthcare organization stimulates continuous improvement
  • It enables the organization in demonstrating commitment to quality care
  • It also provides opportunity to healthcare units to benchmark with the best
  • Accreditation provides access to reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care

NABH Accreditation Requirements

< Following are the general and technical NABH accreditation requirements that any organization must follow while implementation of NABH system to achieve best results and quick NABH certification:
  • Access, Assessment and continuity of care (AAC)
  • Facility Management and Safety (FMS).
  • Hospital Infection Control (HIC).
  • Care of Patients (COP).
  • Patient Right and Education (PRE).
  • Management of Medication (MOM).
  • Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
  • Responsibility of Management (ROM).
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)

Assessment Process of NABH Certification

NABH assessment process involves comprehensive review of hospital’s compliance with NABH’s standards. Primary principles of NABH Assessment are:
  • 1. Hospital operations are based on sound principle of system based organization
  • 2. NABH standards are implemented and institutionalize into hospital functioning.
  • 3. Patient safety and quality of care, as core values, are established & owned by management and staff in all functions at all levels.
  • 4. There is structured quality improvement programme based on continuous monitoring of patient care services