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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Ores & Minerals

Minerals & Ores
Earth is filled with so many precious resources that are important for us economically and scientifically. Ores and minerals are precious gifts that we get from the earth. Most of the metals and elements that we use in our daily life and industrial processes are not generally found in nature in their free state. Because of their reactive nature, they are found in some composite state. These elements include potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and so forth. Minerals are the natural elements that are extracted from the earth. The ores are the compound minerals from which the metals can be extracted profitably and conveniently. The ores are the minerals in which the metals are present in a significant percentage. The aluminum is the most abundant metal that is found on earth with 8% in the curst. Iron is the second most abundant element in the earth is crust with 5.1%. 

Characteristics of Mineral
There are several characteristics of a mineral that make it ideal for mining. It must occur naturally. A mineral is always inorganic. Minerals are always solid. There must be an orderly internal structure and its atom must be arranged in a specific pattern. The chemical composition of a mineral must be definite although in some cases it can vary to some extent. 

Ores are those minerals that can be used for the extraction of metals profitably and conveniently. There are mainly four types of ores that are found in the nature that are oxides, carbonate ores, sulfides, and halide ores. The oxides ores give us metals like aluminum, copper, iron, tin. The carbonated ores give us calcium, zinc, iron. Sulfides give us zinc, copper, lead, and mercury. The halide ores give sodium, fluoride, and silver. The methods of extraction that are used for different ores include Electrolysis, roasting, and reduction. 

Now when it comes to extraction of the metals from ores, it is a very complex and scientific process that must be performed accurately for the best extraction of the metals from the ores. First of all, it is important to determine which minerals are ores then the extraction is commenced. For this, the minerals and ores need to be tested accurately to find out their chemical composition and physical properties to determine which ores are to be sued for extraction and which methods of extraction should be used for optimum yield. 

To test the ores and minerals, they must be tested in a laboratory that is equipped for performing such a sophisticated and complicated test. These labs must have all the equipment and must follow the protocol that is prescribed to be scientifically correct to test them. This can be ensured if the lab is accredited from NABL and has the certification for ISO 17025: 2017 which is a quality standard set by ISO and its certification ensures that the lab is following the correct protocols to give the best results.  

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