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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Paper and Pulp

Paper and Pulp 
The pulp and paper industry is a vast industry that includes the companies and enterprises that used wood and produce pulp, paper, paperboard and other products based on cellulose. Paper products are an inevitable part of our lives. One can find paper in every aspect of life. Be it education, official communication, documentation, paper is used everywhere. 

The raw material that is used for paper making is wood. Wood is processed to make pulp. This pulp obtained from wood is then fed to the paper machine. In this machine the pulp is converted into a paper web. The excess water is removed from it by pressing it and then drying it. When the paper web is pressed, it removes the water by use of compressive force. Once the water taken forcibly out of the sheet, there is a felt used to make it completely dry. When the paper is made by hand, a blotter sheet is used. For drying of paper, heat and air is used to evaporate the water. 

Paper sizes
The size of paper cannot be random. There are international standard sizes defined for each use of paper which are governed by the international standards ISO 216 which is released by international standards organization. There are several series of paper size released such as A series, B series, German Originals, Japanese variation, Transitional paper sizes, Notebook sizes, envelope sizes and many more.  

Environmental concerns
Due to the fact that paper is made from pulp which uses wood as raw material, thousands of trees need to be cut for paper making every year. This has led to deforestation in many regions of the world. The amount of trees being cut is very much higher than the number of trees planted again after cutting. This has led to an imbalance in the ecosystem. Although the modern advancement in the technology has made paper making very conservative but still it is a matter of concern. Not only deforestation, but there are also other factors related to paper making that have an adverse impact on the ecosystem. During paper making, there are many harsh chemicals that are used for cleaning, whitening and processing of the paper. Due to this, international paper associations have put strict regulations on paper making that need to be followed by the manufacturers. Due to these restrictions, the manufacturers need to make sure that the paper as well as the pulp is tested thoroughly to ensure that the products comply with the regulation.

Testing of Paper and Pulp
Testing of paper and pulp needs to be done in a controlled and contaminant free environment for test accuracy. For this, the lab in which the samples are being tested, must have ISO 17025: 2017 certification as well as the NABL accreditation. 

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