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ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (NABL) Certification for Pollution & Environment

Pollution and Environment
Environmental pollution is referred to the introduction of contaminants and foreign elements in the environments that can lead to hazards and harm for the environments and organisms living in it. There are different types of pollutions that can be found in the environment. Some of them are caused by the natural phenomenon and events and some are caused due to humans. 

Environmental pollution normally takes place when a harmful by product of human activities is introduced to the environment and the environment is not able to process and neutralize it.   
When any substance in the environment reaches a level that is in excess of the natural levels, it causes environmental pollution. This can be caused by some chemical substances, radiation and energy. 

Air pollution
Air pollution is caused mainly due to the industrial smoke and automobile emission caused by humans. In addition to that, the domestic smoke also contributes to a great level to the air pollution. The air pollution is also caused due to some natural phenomenon such as volcanic eruptions and wild fires. Sand and dust from construction also cause air pollution as well. The impact of air pollution is mainly seen on the human health as well as climatic change. The increment of poisonous greenhouse gases can cause diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and so forth. In addition to that, the greenhouse gases cause increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature which leads to climatic changes all across the globe. This leads to melting of glaciers and eventually increasing the sea level that can prove to be catastrophic. 

Water Pollution
Water pollution is mainly cause due to the industrial chemical waste that is dumped into the prominent water bodies without any treatment. Along with that, the human waste and domestic waste that is thrown in the water bodies without treatment also causes water pollution. When water is polluted with hazardous chemical, it leads to killing of aquatic life which further leads to imbalance of the ecosystem. Due to water pollution, it contaminates the ground water which is used by humans and causes various fatal diseases.  

Along with air and water pollution, there is radioactive pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution that have a deep and adverse impact on the environment. 
In order to ensure that the level of contaminants in the environments is in safe limits, the industries need to test their emissions and regularly so that it could be ensured that the waste that is sent out in the atmosphere is within the safe levels. 

To ensure the accurate testing of environmental pollutants, it is essential that the labs that conduct the testing of the environmental waste have all the equipments and are following all the procedures that are meant for environmental testing. This can be ensured with proper certification of lab for the standards that have been prescribed by the regulatory authorities. The lab must be accredited by NABL that vouches for the credibility of the test data. Along with that, the lab also must be certified for ISO   17025: 2017 which is a standard set by ISO for testing laboratories. 

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