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Shivam diagnostic centre and cancer research institute is continuation of legacy of 25 years of excellence in imaging. It was started as Amrit Clinic 25 years ago equipped with ultrasound. Then upgraded with 1st transvaginal ultrasound in North Delhi. Over the years with continuous upgradation of diagnostic equipments, Mammography with rhodium filter (1st installation in North India), 3D whole body Color Doppler.

Biochemistry analyzer, fully automatic Hematology analyzer, Chemiluminescence (Hormone analyzer) and now latest addition is 3D Whole Body Spiral CT scan., with facility for triple phase/dual phase imaging of liver, CT Urography, CT Colonography, High resolution CT (HRCT) of the temporal bone and chest, renal, pulmonary and peripheral angiographies.

In addition we have facility for guided FNAC / Biopsy (CT or USG guided).Wire localization of the occult carcinoma under mammography control.

Dr.Ritesh Garg, is a SR.Consultant Radiologist working in India for the last eleven years in all the fields with special focus on interventional radiology procedures(therapeutic and diagnostic),breast imaging, Open MRI, CT,USG& color Doppler imaging and conventional radiology. During his 11 years work experience in Radiology, he has achieved proficiency in Diagnostic Radiology. Vascular interventions including TACE for HCC, RCC, peripheral (femoral, brachial) angiography,angioplasty, (stenting in blocked hemodialysis fistula), renal angiography, 4 VESSEL CEREBRAL ANGIOGRAPHY, INTRAARTERIAL

 THROMBOLYSIS, served as assistant in carotid stenting, cerebral AVN glue embolization Non vascular Interventional procedures including pig tail drainage procedures, PCN, PTBD, RF ablation, pleural/ascitic tap, FNAC/Biopsy, Cyst/Abscess aspiration, biopsies from abdomen and thoracic masses, renal biopsy and guided procedures.