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ReNew Photovoltaic Private Limited

ReNew is the leading decarbonisation solutions company listed on Nasdaq (Nasdaq: RNW, RNWWW). ReNew’s clean energy portfolio of ~13.7GW on a gross basis as of June 30, 2023 is one of the largest globally. In addition to being a major independent power producer in India, we provide end-to-end solutions in a just and inclusive manner in the areas of clean energy, green hydrogen, value-added energy offerings through digitalisation, storage, and carbon markets that increasingly are integral to addressing climate change.

ReNew Energy Global Plc (formerly Renew Energy Global Ltd) is a public limited company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales, having company number 13220321. It was initially registered as a private limited company on February 23, 2021 and re-registered as a public limited company on May 12, 2021. ReNew Energy Global Plc holds a 92.96% economic interest in its significant subsidiary, ReNew Power Private Limited, a company registered under the laws of India which operates wind, solar and hydro energy projects in India. ReNew Power Private Limited collectively with all its subsidiaries are referred to hereinafter as ‘‘ReNew India’’. ReNew Energy Global Plc and all its subsidiaries (including ReNew India) are referred to hereinafter as ‘‘we’’, ‘‘our’’, the ‘‘Company’’, ‘‘ReNew’’ or the ‘‘ReNew Group’’. As this is our first financial year, information included in this report about previous financial years relates to ReNew India.

We have strategically focused on developing a pan-India portfolio of utility-scale wind energy projects, utility-scale solar energy projects, corporate wind energy projects, corporate solar energy projects and utility-scale firm power projects. These projects generate power and feed that power into the grid, supplying a utility or off taker with energy. Most of the operational projects have a PPA with a utility or off taker, guaranteeing a market for its energy for a fixed period of time. For open access projects, the units of power generated are directly connected to the grid.