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Gloster Cables Limited (GCL) as a leading electric cables & wires manufacturers of India was incorporated in 1995 with Fort Gloster Industries Limited (FGI) as one of the Equity Participants. Over the past 18 years Gloster Cables Limited has made definitive advancements in its infrastructural capacities and market reach as a renowned electric cable & manufacturers of India. The Plant has been accredited for conforming to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 by DNV also.

GLOSTER CABLES LIMITED, one of the leading cable manufacturers and suppliers of cables to power utilities in India, was incorporated in the year 1995. On 13th March, it has celebrated its silver jubilee years. Headed by Ashish Modi, a renowned business icon from Hyderabad and Vinay Rathi as Director emphasizing on marketing assignment. Today Gloster is having as many as 17 marketing station across PAN India with exponential growth in business. Journey began with 5 crores embarking upon reaching 500 crores within next couple of years.